Sagayam IAS - Icon of Inspiration

Presenter -  R. Nallakannu
Winner - U. Sagayam IAS


Sagayam's Speech - "Thank you Behindwoods for presenting me this award. I usually do not receive such awards. I have always rejected awards. I believe that we should be loyal for our society and not for such awards. However, when I receive an award the youth gets inspired. This is the first time I am getting on stage in Tamil Nadu to receive the Behindwoods Gold Medal.


I have been transferred 25 times which itself is an award. I believe corruption is against social welfare. To save our people, people in my position should be loyal and corruption free. I am positive that the youth will make sure governance in the future is corruption-free.


The five features necessary for a Tamil Nadu Chief Minister is just integrity. Integrity comprises not just of 5 good characteristics but 50."